Economical 1

Consists of variety of services. Value added services such as lodging in Mina, land transportation to Makkah,train serives between ritual places inclusive of the essential services. 

A Value driven with several options in lodging in Mina camps, and a return land transportation from the city of the pilgrim. In addition to the Mashaer train services.

Lodging (Housing)
Normal Tents with 1.6 sq m per pilgrim, Floor covered with moquette (mattress, pillow and cover) per pilgrim+ Medical clinic + Security Services+ Sanitary Services 24Hours

(PVC) Fire proof Camps - LED lighted - Freon AC - Speakers - Foam Mattress - Pillow - Comforter - Toilets for every 30 pilgrims and another for pilgrims with special needs - Sanitary items - Medical Clinic - Religious Guide - Security Guards-Tafweej Guide

Foam Mattress or Sleeping bag - Pillow - Carpet ground cover -Toilets

Assembly at meeting point before departure to Mashaer served with 5 small sandwiches / Small bag of chips/Banana or Orange or Apple/ bottle of juice/Water bottle
Cold water, juices , tea and coffee, and hot drinks throughout the day
BreakFast:    Cheese / Halawa / Olives / Fool / Eggs / Jam / Honey / Breads
Lunch:        Rice with meat or chicken
Dinner:       Idam / Fool / Cheese / Halawa / Olives / egg / Jam / Honey / Breads

Beverages: Cold water and hot drinks (Tea and coffee) throughout the day
Lunch:     Kabsa with meat / Pickles / Breads

Cold meal and water

Transportation services provided to and from sites
From and To Pilgrim City:    Bus
Ritual Places:    Train